“Photography takes an instant out of time,  altering life by holding it still” – Dorothea Lange

Meet Sanette, your  photographer.


Photography has always been a hidden passion of mine.  I never knew how much until I got my first DSLR camera as a birthday gift from my hubby.  A month later my eldest daughter had her matric dance and I hired a professional photographer to capture those special memories – and YES of course I had my camera in hand too.  I snapped away as if there was no tomorrow, trying to capture a few good shots behind the scenes. The bug bit me big time! I did every course I could lay my hands on. The rest is history.


 Here are a few quick, random and totally true facts about me!

v My husband and I got engaged after seeing each other for only 18 days, which was spread over a period of 4 months – I lived in Pretoria and he in Durban at the time.  Love at first sight!  (It really does happen!!). 

v A childhood dream of mine was to become a ballerina – well,  I still dance in my head when I hear beautiful music. 

v I was a professional Flamenco dancer in my younger days – Olé! 

v At one stage in my life I was thinking of becoming a doctor – but the sight of blood doesn’t agree with me (Eek!). 

v Before Photo Nette blossomed, I was a computer geek!!  YES! Systems Analyst and SQL developer.   At the end of 2007 I opted to leave the corporate world in order to spend more time with my girls at home.  My “baby” is now in her final year of high school! 

v Roast chicken, pumpkin, green beans (the way my mom makes it!) and roast potatoes is my favourite dish to eat! 

v Baked cheesecake – Oh yes please and thank you! 

v My business name is derived from my own name and means “Clear picture” in French (hubby was the clever one here 😉)..